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If you’re looking for a coach with the passion, enthusiasm and the deep expertise needed to take you to your next level of evolution then you’ve found me!!!


After receiving my Masters degree from The University of Houston in 2014 I was ecstatic to take my first job as a “real therapist” at MD Anderson Cancer Center!!! That excitement quickly turned to panic when I was found out that I was recruited for the clinical trial clinic. Many of my patients were in crisis and coping with the realization that treatment for their diagnosis may no longer be an option.


Talk about feeling inadequate!!! How could I possibly help families survive such a devastating time in their life? I was less than 30 days out of school for goodness sake! As fate would have it, my skill set as a therapist were cultivated in the trenches.


I quickly found my passion of helping people navigate the transitions of life that seem to knock you off your feet!


As if grief and end of life counseling wasn’t tough enough, I later took a position as a PTSD and Trauma Therapist. For 4 years I treated solely male combat veterans who’ve returned from combat zones and needed help reintegrating back into society. I was out of the frying pan into the fire and I LOVED IT!!!


Teaching men how to communicate complex emotions, reconnect with their wives and children, build a new identity outside of the military and create a new vision for their lives became my place of expertise and I quickly thrived here.


My training in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Processing Therapy, Coping Skills, and Relationship Building have all equipped me to take my clients into a deeper understanding of their inner-most thoughts feelings and sabotaging behaviors.


I took all of these skills in to my coaching practice in 2017 and the results my clients have experienced have been phenomenal!!!

What They Say

Brittainy you are an amazing human being. You make me feel comfortable and more open to discuss these personal issues and that's key. Thank you for what you do for all my sisters around the world. 

- Nadine M.


License Information

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 59239


Master of Social Work| UH, Houston TX

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | UTSA, TX

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