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I'm Brittainy

Hey there!

Welcome to my world, where the power of words transforms lives! I am a licensed therapist, mindset coach, and dynamic public speaker based in Houston, Texas. As the author of 'Made For This,' I bring a wealth of experience to the stage, guiding individuals through their personalized transformative journeys.

In the clinical world, I embarked on a challenging yet rewarding journey at MD Anderson Cancer Center, specializing in crisis intervention within the clinical trial clinic. This early experience, just a month after earning my Masters from The University of Houston, became the crucible where my skills as a therapist were forged.

Navigating grief, end-of-life counseling, and later, as a PTSD and Trauma Therapist for combat veterans, became my calling. Over four years, I worked passionately with male combat veterans, helping them reintegrate into society, rebuild relationships, and forge new identities post-military service.

Through the power of transformative speaking, I am dedicated to helping individuals break free from self-doubt, fear, and isolation, guiding them through life's transitions to create the lives they truly desire.

Join me on this transformative journey, where each spoken word has the potential to ignite change and inspire growth. Together, let's unlock the power within.


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Client Testimonials

Nadine M.

Brittainy you are an amazing human being. You make me feel comfortable and more open to discuss these personal issues and that's key. Thank you for what you do for all my sisters around the world. 

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