Welcome to the 10 Dates In 30 Days Self-Love Challenge!!!

Self-love is at the foundation of every relationship and opportunity you will ever encounter. Learn how loving and making time for yourself will help you:

 Attract the type of people you desire into your life
 Figure out how to get back to being you
 Reconnect with the loving parts of you
 Have fun with yourself
 Become adventurous again
 Do the things that bring you joy
 Learn how to be happy all by yourself
 Finally take time to reflect on your past

Join women all over the world taking on the 10 Dates In 30 Days Self-Love Challenge! This is a true and powerful journey of self-discovery and self-love.

What is the 10 Dates In 30 Days Challenge?

The 10 Dates In 30 Days Self Love Challenge is all about: self-love, self-compassion and self-awareness.
This is a challenge that’s intended to raise your own awareness about how you love yourself, including how you treat and talk to yourself, and how awesome you already are. In addition we will also take some time looking at how you feel about your life’s direction, current relationships and gain insight on how your past has affected hour present. Learn to enjoy your own company. And who knows.. you may end up falling in love (with yourself)!

A) In the month of March you will challenge yourself to make time to take yourself on 10 dates all by yourself!

B) Each date has to be something you enjoy doing, not an obligation or responsibility.

C) We will also be journaling about our experiences, emotions and thoughts. You will find that when you start spending time alone you will begin to gain clarity on many of the issues you are struggling with in your relationships, career and self-development.

This challenge is not just for my single ladies. This challenge will benefit everyone who signs up. This challenge is designed to speak to your needs personally, I truly believe that everyone will grow in a different way by participating.

What To Expect

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Post pictures of your calendars/boards and your dates on Facebook and Instagram! Use the Hashtag so everyone can join in and celebrate your progress!